Call of Duty

Brand Integrated Marketing

The Open Beta of Call of Duty OL started on July 25, 2015. It aimed at attracting new players within a short period and making them enjoy the shooting games.


Industry:Online game



Customer Insight:Everyone has the dream of being a hero with a gun in hand, but many dreams have faded away from the memory with age.

Slogan:Visible gunshot

First-person shooter stood out as a milestone in online game field. Its popularity was reflected in the success of Counter-Strike in LAN era, and Cross Fire which topped in domestic online games in terms of its concurrent players and revenue. From client games to mobile games, FPS has become the most popular video game around the globe, with a staggering growth. For Call of Duty OL to be released in July, 2015, there were many rivals in FPS market, including CF, T-game & AF, We Fire, We Shoot, and CF mobile game, to name just a few from Tencent Games. Besides, every game targeted at a specified group of users.

Domestic players are more familiar with relaxing, interesting shooting games like CF. Then, the question is how to define the niche market of Call of Duty OL and attract new players to try the game.

After an investigation and analysis of the target users, Insight Group found that everyone has the dream of being a hero with a gun in hand, and many dreams have faded away from the memory with age. Yet the dream of being a hero is still in their inner space. Hence, Insight decided to refresh players’ precious childhood memories through gunshots so as to motivate them to try the game.  With engagement communication strategy, Insight made an engagement idea:

Visible gunshot

From visual to auditory then towards a fully immersive experience

Step 1: Teaser advertising to create a buzz

The release of teaser ads in National Stadium aroused wide attention shortly, and exposed the brand information for the first time. Then, the teasers were further promoted in the elevators and office buildings across the country. When people passed by, the infrared voice device in the ads would let out “bang, bang, bang” with children’s voice. This refreshed everyone’s childhood memories, and attracted them to participate.

Step 2: Interactive experience

The Open Beta was announced on mobile terminal H5. Players could experience the sounds and powers of different guns, and the charm of the shooting games the first time.


Step 3: A full-blown campaign driven by celebrity effect

At the same ad space in National Stadium, the teasers were revealed with Han Han and Bai Ke, the most familiar online stars to the target users, on the ads. At this time, Call of Duty OL saw a full release.

The teaser campaign increased user awareness by 373 percent. The next day after the campaign, there were 30.974 million messages exchanged about this topic on social media, with 30.2018 million playbacks. The search volume on Baidu Index also increased by 90 percent. The idea of relating shooting games to games played in childhood brought back the wonderful memories. Call of Duty OL struck a chord with many players and further aroused their interest to try the the game. Under the influence of stars, the players were finally inspired to follow their dreams to the fullest.